Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Victoria Blazer _ the final product

Sorry!! Finished a few weeks ago and have only just got around to taking any photographs. So here it is, the final blazer, with arms and lining and everything!

Love it!!!!!  Want to make 3 more!!

So adjustments.  I'm glad I gave it an extra inch, but would probably give it a bit more length again.  With the fuller figure a too cropped blazer just highlights the bulge! The width across the back is great - so often with jackets i feel my broad back is tied up in cement vlocks, but this is fab.  I do feel there's a little much fabric in the front though so a slight reduction so that the front dart comes more towards the centre of the boob than towards the inside.

So defo another cropped in a lighter fabric and probably a long one, maybe in a grey  ...

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